At a young my siblings and I were exposed to buying and selling and second hand goods. In 2016 my twin bother and I followed in my fathers footsteps. Twin Traders was born.

For the past four years we have been buying and selling second hand goods, during these four years we developed our own passion for buying and selling. While my twin bother is pursuing his dream aboard i am still continuing with this business. Twin Traders’ goal is to have a shop available for the public. My passion in this career is to discover unique furniture and work with valuable, once loved products We buys second hand furniture and appliances and sell it for reasonable prices.

We do the necessary repair or restorations on some products and in the process leaving twin traders with a profit. We buy house hold appliances, furniture, garden furniture, cars antiques and art. We do not specialize in a certain type of product of types of furniture.

The De Beer Twins - Twin Traders Bellville